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Emailed to list on: August 23, 2003

Annual Labor Day Picnic In Central Park

Hi Everyone,

Picnic time! Details below.


NYC Vegetarians & Raw Food Group & Healers Exchange

Annual Labor Day Picnic in Central Park

A Live food / Vegan Picnic and Healing Event in
Central Park, on
Monday, September 1st
1:00 to 5:00

Come to share. Come to receive. Come to exchange and celebrate!

Come to celebrate ..and join us

In this unique unity event we will connect healers and non-healers, bring together people from different healing modalities.

We are going to have:

* Raw food
* Vegan Food
* Reiki
* Yoga
* Massage
* Energy work
* Live Music
* Live Drumming


Important: Please bring plates, silverware and cups, and bring your own plate, and silverware. Bring a Raw/Live dish for the raw table or a Vegetarian/Vegan for the cooked table. Serving size should be for 10 people.

Enjoy and share the food that you bring from either the Raw Table or the Vegetarian/Vegan Table. Due to the number of people at this event, we ask that you take one serving, so that there will enough for everyone.

Let's meet! let's share! Behind the Metropolitian Museum. Picnic will take place in Central Park near Cleopatra's Needle (Obelisk) Behind the Metropolitan Museum, enter the park from the east at 81st Street or from 79th Street.

What to bring some suggestions, bring a watermelon, and a knife, ripe avocados, young Coconuts. For some other ideas visit:

http://www.living-foods.com/recipes/ .

Also recommended: blanket, chair, and musical instruments, Frisbees. Rain Location: on Broadway, between 62nd & 63rd Street in the atrium. Bring your rock climbing shoes.

The last potluck was lots of fun. Check out pictures at


New: Based on your requests, we will offer a small selection of live/raw food to purchase for you to take home.

If you are interested in helping and for more information, contact:
* Nadine at 212 595-9599 or picnicincentralpark@hotmail.com or
* Bobbie of the Raw Foods Group at bobbie_flowers@hotmail.com or
* Les of NYC Vegetarians at 718 805-4260 or lesjudd@aol.com or
* Alok at Holistic Health at alok@alokhealth.com
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