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Emailed to list on: December 3, 2003

MoveOn.org is great!

Hi Everyone,

Check out MoveOn.org (Democracy in Action) at http://www.moveon.org/

What is MoveOn all about?

[begin exerpt]
MoveOn is working to bring ordinary people back into politics. With a system that today revolves around big money and big media, most citizens are left out. When it becomes clear that our "representatives" don't represent the public, the foundations of democracy are in peril. MoveOn is a catalyst for a new kind of grassroots involvement, supporting busy but concerned citizens in finding their political voice. Our international network of more than 2,000,000 online activists is one of the most effective and responsive outlets for democratic participation available today.
[end exerpt]

Here are a few of the cool things that I found on the site.

1) You can view the latest ad from the MoveOn.org Voter Fund at:

2) Also on December 7th, the MoveOn.org Voter Fund is bringing together thousands of MoveOn members in a national day of house parties to screen Uncovered: The Whole Truth about the Iraq War. You can find the detail at:

3) There is a cool forums section at:

4) I recommend signing up for the email list (2 or 3 emails per week). The emails are well written and contain information that you might not see elsewhere.


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