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Emailed to list on: May 12, 2003

Woody Harrelson - poem and flash movie...

Hi Everyone,

I was looking at Alternative News web sites and came across an excellent poem and flash movie by raw food eater Woody Harrelson. I think you will enjoy.

You can find the poem and flash movie at:


You might need to upgrade your flash browser plug in. You can test what version you are using at:

[begin exerpt]
GNN is proud to present Thoughts From Within, a powerful poem and flash movie from Woody Harrelson. Woody wrote the poem for his Simple Organic Living Tour. The movie was made for the tour's web site.

The SOL Tour began in the Spring of 2001, when Woody decided to take some time off to bike down the west coast with his brother. They decided they would ride from Seattle to LA, get 'off the grid', camp in state parks, and speak with people along the way about their vision of Simple Organic Living. But in no time, this family vacation snowballed into much more.

First Woody's friends at The Spitfire Foundation persuaded him to speak at college campuses along the coast. Next, a diesel bus was purchased, which could run on hemp oil. The bus was outfitted with eco furniture, and a solar kitchen, and became their home on the road. But what's a home without a raw foods chef? Next, filmmaker Ron Mann asked if he could film the whole trip for a documentary, and well, what the hell. The SOL Tour kicked off in Seattle Earthweek 2001. As rumor got out, more and more people joined in, with as many as 10 people riding up to 75 miles a day at times .... friends, activists, even folks from the local communities. Eight weeks and 1,500 miles later, The SOL Tour finally pulled into LA.
[end exerpt]

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