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Emailed to list on: July 21, 2002

2 Food News articles - acrylamide and fat

Hi Everyone,

Here are some web links related to 2 food related stories recently in the news. You might have to put the longer URLs back together to fix word wrapping in the email.

1) The Swedish National Food Authority study, published a study on April 24, which found that the levels of acrylamide (a known carcinogen in animal tests) increased in a wide range of foods when fried or baked. The study was reproduced and confirmed by other European researchers.


2) The New York Times Magazine of 7/7/2002 cover story ran with a title of "What if Fat Doesn't make you Fat" and a blurb on the front cover of saying "Influential researchers are beginning to embrace the medical heresy that maybe Dr. Atkins was right"

I read the article to see if there was anything of value said. The author makes the point that eating fat has advantages. Surprise!

The article is, in my opinion, not serious journalism. Just one of those pieces that run with the intention of selling papers and helping to keep people confused.

Here is a link to see what some of the researchers that were quoted in the study really said:


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