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Posted 2007-01-28: We have added our second video to the site! It is titled "How to Make a Healthy Smoothy" We hope that you like find it useful!

Smoothy Movie

We have added our first video to the site! It is titled "How to Open a Coconut" and coincidentally it shows you how to open a coconut. Enjoy!

Coconut Movie

Below are descriptions of photo galleries that you might enjoy (more to come):

On November 4, 2003, at the Accent on Wellness Monday Night Meeting at Bonobo's Restaurant, special guest Debra Secunda screened portions of the video "Rainbow Green Live Food Cuisine" by Gabriel Cousens, M.D. - filmed at the "Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center" in Patagonia, Arizona. Here are the pictures.

In September 2003, I went to Chicago for my cousin's wedding. While I was there I visited Karyn's Fresh Corner. Here are the pictures.