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Here you will find links to other resources on the web. Links are divided into the following categories: Alternative News Source, Animal Related, Blog, Environmental, Health, Live/Raw Food, Peace and Justice, Political Awareness and Products.

Alternative News Source

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Animal Related

  • ASPCA: American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals http://www.aspca.org/ Promotes humane principles, prevent cruelty and alleviate pain, fear and suffering in animals.
  • Doris Day Animal League http://www.ddal.org/resourceslinks.html Very impressive collection of animal related web links.
  • Farm Sanctuary http://www.farmsanctuary.org/ Operates farm animal shelters in upstate New York and northern California
  • Humane Farming Association http://www.hfa.org Goals are to protect farm animals from cruelty, to protect the public from the dangerous misuse of antibiotics, hormones, and other chemicals used on factory farms, and to protect the environment from the impacts of industrialized animal factories.
  • International Institute for Humane Education http://www.iihed.org/ Offer training, consulting, workshops and outdoor experiences
  • PETA - People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals http://www.peta.org/
  • The Fund for Animals: About The Fund http://www.fund.org Founded in 1967 by prominent author and animal advocate Cleveland Amory
  • The Humane Society of the United States http://www.hsus.org Dedicated to creating a world where our relationship with animals is guided by compassion
  • The Jane Goodall Institute http://www.janegoodall.org/ Advances the power of individuals to take informed and compassionate action to improve the environment for all living things.
  • United Action for Animals http://www.ua4a.org/ Working to eliminate a continuing tragedy: the overpopulation of cats and dogs.
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  • Daily Kos http://www.dailykos.com/ Skillfully designed political analysis site.
  • Informed Comment http://www.juancole.com/ Must read blog with some of the best coverage of events in middle east. Written by Juan Cole, Professor of History at the University of Michigan.
  • LiberalOasis http://www.liberaloasis.com/ Portal site with content and links to blogs with liberal/progressive viewpoints.
  • onegoodmove http://onegoodmove.org/1gm/ Interesting site with links to lots of great QuickTime videos. Well worth the bandwidth!
  • Talking Points Memo http://www.talkingpointsmemo.com/ Written by Joshua Micah Marshall, a Contributing Writer for the Washington Monthly and a columnist for The Hill. If you want to understand what going on in politics, this site is a great place to start.
  • THE DAOU REPORT http://www.daoureport.com/ Blog portal site with content drawn from the the entire blog-o-sphere
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  • Alternative Fuels Data Center http://www.afdc.nrel.gov/ Alternative fuel and vehicle information
  • Appalachian Mountain Club http://www.outdoors.org/ America's oldest conservation and recreation organization.
  • Center for Health, Environment and Justice http://www.chej.org/
  • Close Indian Point http://www.closeindianpoint.org/ Working to close Indian Point Nuclear plant in Buchanan, N.Y.
  • Environmental Working Group http://www.ewg.org/contact.html Dedicated to improving public health and protecting the environment by reducing pollution in air, water and food
  • Friends of the Earth International http://www.foei.org/ Federation of autonomous environmental organizations from all over the world.
  • Green Map System http://www.greenmap.com/ locally directed, globally connected public relations service for community sustainability
  • Greenpeace International http://www.greenpeace.org/
  • Home Power Magazine - Your Small Scale Renewa... http://www.homepower.com/index.cfm Hands-on journal of home-made power. Make your own electricity with solar, wind, and hydro. Download the current issue in PDF format.
  • MetaEfficient http://www.metaefficient.com/ A guide to effective heating, cooling, electricity, drinking water production, and other essential topics.
  • Pesticide Action Network North America (PANNA) http://www.panna.org/ Works to replace pesticide use with ecologically sound and socially just alternatives
  • Rocky Mountain Institute http://www.rmi.org/ Entrepreneurial nonprofit organization that fosters the efficient and restorative use of natural, human and other capital to make the world more secure, just, prosperous, and life sustaining.
  • Student Environmental Action Coalition - SEAC http://www.seac.org/ Student and youth run national network of progressive organizations and individuals.
  • Treehugger http://www.treehugger.com/ Web magazine, dedicated to everything that has a modern aesthetic yet is environmentally responsible. After visiting this site I felt optimistic about so many good things that are happening and more that are possible.
  • Union of Concerned Scientists http://www.ucsusa.org/ Environmental news, analysis, consumer guides, essays and more.
  • Urban Gardening and Agriculture http://www.urbangardeninghelp.com/ Urban gardening is a great way to improve the urban environment. Learn all about different forms of urban gardening and agriculture with our informational site. No matter how big your city or how small your apartment, you can enjoy gardening.
  • WorldChanging: Another World Is Here: A Worldchanging How-To http://www.worldchanging.com/ WorldChanging.com works from a simple premise: that the tools, models and ideas for building a better future lie all around us. That another world is not just possible, it's here. We only need to put the pieces together.
  • Worldwatch Institute Home Page http://www.worldwatch.org/ Analyzes environmental data from around the world and provides information on how to build a sustainable society.
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  • http://www.seedsofchange.com/ Works to help preserve biodiversity and promote sustainable, organic agriculture.
  • Abundant Life Seed Foundation http://www.abundantlifeseed.org/index.htm Promoting the conservation and use of heirloom, native and rare seeds.
  • Just Food http://www.justfood.org/ Works to develop a just and sustainable food system in the New York City region. Check out the page listing CSAs in NYC.
  • Local Harvest - Maps Farmers Markets / Family Farm... http://www.localharvest.org/ Cool web site that used mapping technology to help you locate Farmers Markets, Family Farms, CSAs, Restaurants and Food Coops.
  • MadCowboy http://www.madcowboy.com/ Information about Mad Cow Disease and the dangers of current methods of food production
  • Organic Consumers Association http://www.organicconsumers.org/ Promote organic food and sustainable agriculture
  • Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine http://www.pcrm.org/ Doctors and laypersons working together for compassionate and effective medical practice, research, and health promotion.
  • Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation http://price-pottenger.org/ A not-for-profit educational foundation providing accurate information about the role of whole foods for healthy human nutrition.
  • Soil and Health Library http://www.soilandhealth.org/ Agriculture, health, personal and spiritual development
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Live/Raw Food

  • Alok Holistic Health Center http://www.AlokHealth.com Offering health & nutrition counseling, un-cooking classes, reiki, massage, and yoga workshops, meditations, lectures, retreats, and celebration. Visit our web site to receive free newsletter with tips for better living.
  • AmyRachelle.com http://www.AmyRachelle.com Music, Massage, Live Food & Yoga
  • Author and long time rawfoodist Rynn Berry http://www.vegsource.com/berry/ Rynn is currently working on his forth book, an all-encompassing history of vegan rawfoodism from remote antiquity to the present, called Fruits of Tantalus: A History of Vegan Rawfoodism, Fruitarianism and the Orgins of Cooking. To find out more visit Rynn's web page.
  • didi's baking for health http://www.bakingforhealth.com organic raw vegan cookies, treats and snacks plus classes and catering
  • High Vibe Health & Healing http://www.highvibe.com Live food vitamins, minerals, herbs, pure organic oils, juicers, air & water purifiers, books & live food snacks. Raw diet transition instruction and detox counseling.
  • Kristen's Raw -- Living Foods, Longer Life http://kristensraw.com/index.php Kristen's Raw was launched in January of 2007 to provide information, products, services, advice, and recommendations that make it easy for anybody to adopt the Raw, vegan lifestyle.
  • Living and Raw Foods discussion board http://www.rawfoodsupport.com/ Active message board with lots of people offering support, experience and opinions.
  • Living Nutrition Magazine http://www.livingnutrition.com/
  • Organic Sprouting Seeds from Mumm's http://www.sprouting.com/ Sprouting information and organically grown seeds
  • Raw Food Rawolution http://www.rawolution.com/ Dedicated to bringing people to a new and higher understanding of the power of living and raw foods.
  • Rhio's Raw Energy, Recipes and Much More http://www.rawfoodinfo.com/ Rhio's Raw Energy is one of the most comprehensive Raw live food sites on the internet. Health Resources Shopping Recipies, books
  • Shazzie's personal web site... http://www.shazzie.com/ ...incorporating her renowned journals, transformation photos and many other creative suprises.
  • The Garden Diet - The Raw Vegan http://www.thegardendiet.com/ So much cool stuff here that you owe yourself a vist
  • The Sproutpeople http://www.sproutpeople.com/ Grow your own sprouts. 77 varieties of certified organic sprouting seeds and sprout supplies.
  • YOGABODY Naturals http://www.yogabodynaturals.com/index.html All-natural, nutritional supplements for flexibility, recovery, and energy. Teacher formulated, students tested, guaranteed results. 100% vegan.
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Peace and Justice

  • American Civil Liberties Union http://www.aclu.org/ Defends and preserves the individual rights and liberties guaranteed to all people in America by the Constitution and laws of the United States.
  • American Friends Service Committee http://www.afsc.org/ A Quaker organization that includes people of various faiths who are committed to social justice, peace, and humanitarian service
  • Amnesty International http://www.aiusa.org/ Dedicated to freeing prisoners of conscience, gaining fair trials for political prisoners, ending torture, political killings and "disappearances," and abolishing the death penalty throughout the world
  • Global Exchange http://www.globalexchange.org/ A human rights organization dedicated to promoting environmental, political, and social justice around the world
  • Human Rights Watch http://www.hrw.org/ Dedicated to protecting the human rights of people around the world
  • Peace Action http://www.peace-action.org/ (formerly SANE/Freeze) works to achieve the abolition of nuclear weapons, the development of a peace-oriented economy, an end to the international weapons trade, and promotes non-military solutions to international conflicts.
  • Satchidananda Ashram - Yogaville http://www.yogaville.org/ Ashram founded by Swami Satchidananda
  • Student Peace Action Network http://www.studentpeaceaction.org/ A grassroots peace and justice organization working from campuses across the United States.
  • The Institute for Policy Studies http://www.ips-dc.org/ Combats poverty, war, corporate globalization, and ecological destruction through research and activist education.
  • UnitedForPeace.org http://www.unitedforpeace.org/ Envisioning and demanding a peaceful global community!
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Political Awareness

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