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Healthy Smoothy DRAFT v1

This video shows you one way to make a healthy smoothy. The video was filmed at Lake George in summer 2006. I plan on doing some editing and some sound effects one day soon, but I think that it is pretty useful as is. I hope that you enjoy it.

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Quicktime Video 26.3 MB (soon smaller), 11 minutes and 52 seconds
Quicktime Required (free download)

This video is the result of a collaboration between Live-Food.com and a talented (yet anonymous) director/camera person/editor.

If you want to download the video to you hard drive (so that you do not have to download each time that you watch it) click here holding down the control key on a Mac, or using the right mouse button on a Windows machine. Then select either "Save Link As..." (Mac) or "Save Target As..." (Windows XP). This might be the best idea for people with dial up connections because you only have go through the slow download process one time.

The video will take approximately (depending on your connection speed) 1 to 5 minutes to download with a fast connection (DSL, Cable, etc.).

If you are connecting with 56K modem, the download will take quite a while (start the download and come back later). If you are playing the video by clicking the picture, you will see the bar at the bottom moving slowly to the right, indicating that amount of the video that has loaded. You will only be able to play the portion of the video that has downloaded.

If you want to comment on this video you can do so here.